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Was I sleeping?

Working on a little restructuring here. Please bear with me.

Week ???: WTH Is My $#&%# Review?

Ok lets make a deal.

Ok Less of a deal more of a I'm just going to tell you what I am going to do. First off this Blog will still live on! I started in hopes of doing this once a week. I watched a random movie Sunday/Monday, write my review, scan covers, research any other info Tuesday, Film Wednesday, Finish Editing by Thursday, Publish Friday.

It worked the first couple of times. Then as ideas for the skits became more elaborate. Filming/editing became more of a hassle as my schedule does not match anyone else I know. So now I am moving the posts on this blog from "Once a Week" to "When I get the latest video review completed" This will allow me to make this feel like it's a hobby and not work.

I have also considered looking into other avenues of multimedia instead of just video, and I am still mulling it over. Although small in number I have seen some interest in the videos and I could probably squeeze a few more reviews between each video if I go another venue...

Any thoughts?

Week 4: Suppliment to Week 3

      I have Failed.

      I spent all week without watching one single film. In the secret society* of film reviewers I have shamed myself. Cast out I will be limited to such films as The New Adventures of He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, or even dare I say (gasp no! don't dare!) Blankman. Then, and only then will I be able to return. Humble and Humiliated.

     On a positive note Look at last week's post for this/last week's Video. Big thanks to Charles. He is a man who understands that bad dubbing should be buried and then exploded.

*Not so Secret now is it!

Credit/ Resources Used: Youtube, Sweet Victory All resources used under the Fair Use Act. Always please show them support and respect. Any Questions or concerns please email me at: All non copyrighted material is registered under the public domain.

Week 3: Dragonball The Magic Begins

 "Amazingly bad, but still better and closer to the source material than the American adaptation"

Read more and Punch!...Collapse )

Week 2: The Silence of the Lambs

"Jodie Foster does her best Agent Scully impersonation before the show even existed!"

Read more... With Fava BeansCollapse )

Week 1: 1941

     Who wouldn't want to see a film with a full cast of stars like; Mandark, Count Dracula, A Samurai, Unsolved Mysteries, Bluto, A Ghostbuster, Uncle Benny, Ellen Brody, A Cowboy, A Hair'y Treat in Deep Rising around Everwood, Officer Anne Lewis, Uncle Buck, Major "King" Kong, Cottonmouth Gorch, A Jackass, and More?!
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Portrait of a genius: Nick Beardo

Nick Beardo: Glorious Leader

     I have finished inventory. The movies you will see brought up on this site are the ones I have in my possesion and only on DVD. Movies will be listed in random genre as not to alienate the casual visitor. Regular posts will normally be once a week so, that way, I can work out details.
My plans are not to just give reviews of the films, but also the quality of the DVD itself.

     To make things easier I have been using
Movie Collector to Catalog and pull in basic information. To supplement I will use add in my own knowledge and insight among other various resouces on the web*. I rarely sell what I own (no matter how bad it is), and I never lend what I have, so please do not ask me to do so. I will also never offer to give out copies, or links to download movies illegally. Anyone else caught posting said links will be banned. So please be courteous and don't ruin it for others. If, by any request, a guest, such as yourself, inquires on purchasing what I have, links will be provided to vendors of such films who sell them at reasonable prices. Discussion and commentary are always welcome.

     The look and feel of this blog will also change once everything has fallen into place. I am doing this as a personal project. A hobby if you will. I have no plans on branching this out for cash or for any other personal gain. I'm just a serious collector, who loves films.

*If any resource is used, that is not of my own, it will be given proper recognition. I fully understand the downside to multiple user generated resources. If a revision is made, to any outside resource, upon my own volition it will also be properly notated in my post. The examples above are not the only ones I will use and any guest is welcome at providing others. Also when you have a change check out my profile for any FAQS